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VillageofPeace. LLC offers comprehensive mental health services encompassing a wide range of offerings designed to address the diverse needs of individuals seeking support for their psychological
well-being and personal development. A holistic approach is taken, focusing on both assessment and intervention. Specializing in Psychological Assessments, Comprehensive Diagnosis, IQ Testing,

Clinical Training & Audits and Curriculum Building. Mental health services prioritize confidentiality, empathy, and evidence-based care. Dedicated to helping clients understand their mental health, providing them with the tools to cope with life's challenges, and supporting their personal development journeys.

Whether you are seeking a diagnosis, treatment, or guidance in improving your mental well-being, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Your mental health is priority, and together, we can work towards a brighter and healthier future.

Theraputic Relationship

Trauma/ PTSD and Stressor Related symptoms, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction/Relapse Prevention, Grief and Loss, Anger Management, Attachment and Family/Couples Counseling with patients ages 7-geriactrics.

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